Oral presentation guidelines

  1. Please prepare your oral presentation using MS PowerPoint.

  2. The aspect ratio of the slide is 16:9

  3. If your presentation includes multiples files like MS PowerPoint and videos, please zip them into a single file for the ease of emailing or uploading.

  4. You may give us your presentation file via the following ways:

    1. Email to unsat2018@ust.hk

    2. Upload to the following FTP:

      • Server: wgy033.ust.hk

      • Username: unsat2018

      • Password: unsat2018_ppt

  5. Please name the ppt file in the following format: (Conference day)_(Session number)_(Speaker's last name)_(paper number).ppt
    For example, I am going to present my paper UNSAT2018_012 on Day 2 in the Parallel session 1B, then I should name the ppt file as 2_1B_Leung_012.ppt
    Note: You can only upload the PPT, but not download, copy, replace and delete them.

  6. If your presentation is scheduled on 4th August, please e-mail or upload the presentation file(s) before 3rd August. Please check your file in the preparation room (1104) after arriving our campus.

  7. For others, please copy your presentation file into our computer located in room 1104, at least half-day prior to your scheduled time slot. Please check your file and video (if any) after copying.

  8. Please go to the venue of your session at least 10 mins before the start of your session to meet your chairperson and helpers, and to familiarize with the A/V system.

  9. Please sit at the front and wait to be called by your chairperson.

  10. Your oral presentation is strictly limited to 5 minutes (i.e., about 5 slides). Your presentation will be stopped immediately once your time is up. The main purposes of your oral presentation are to highlight your key findings/interesting results, to generate technical issues/questions to be discussed, to encourage participates to visit your poster and attract the General Reporter of your session. The contents of your presentation may be adopted by your General Reporter. Please be fair to your fellow presenters, the audience and the chairperson not to overrun your presentation!

  11. After your oral presentation, please try your best to standby your poster to interact with delegates during the time slots allocated for poster visits.